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Dr. Mary-Lou Galician and her husband Dr. David Natharius share a kiss at their 1998 airport wedding — a media event — before their trans-atlantic flight to lead a group in London & Paris. (Read the newspaper story about the wedding!)



Dr. Galician's 7-Step Reality Check-Up©


At the heart of The Thinking Person's Relationship Remedy™ is Dr. Galician’s 7-Step Reality Check-Up© a unique media literacy process I created for “dis-illusioning” your media-created unrealistic expectations that sabotage your own real-life romantic relationships.

With this process of critical thinking, you explode mass media myths and stereotypes that manipulate you and ruin your chances for a REAL-life happily-after-ever. (It’s no wonder we’re easily influenced—because we’re surrounded 24/7 by these seductive but destructive media messages and images!)

The Check-up is similar to Dr. Galician's Seven-Step Dis-illusioning Directions©, a process I created for my university classes and academic textbooks, but the Check-Up focuses on strategies for the general public to use:

Step 1. DETECTION (finding/identifying)

Step 2. DESCRIPTION (illustrating/exemplifying)

Step 3. DECONSTRUCTION (analyzing)

Step 4. DIAGNOSIS (evaluating/criticizing)

Step 5. DESIGN (reconstructing/reframing)

Step 6. DEBRIEFING (reconsidering/remedying)

Step 7. DEDICATION (implementing/achieving)

Step 1 begins when you take Dr. FUN's Mass Media Love Quiz©. This triggers your guided self-analysis of your own beliefs about romantic relationships (Steps 2-4).

Most traditional methods of media analysis and criticism stop after what I call the “Diagnosis” step (Step 4). But my 7-step system invites you to take THREE EXTRA STEPS (5, 6, and 7) to make a paradigm shift from media fantasies about sex, love, and romance to far more fabulous, thrilling, and fulfilling reality-based coupleship—empowering yourself with my 12 life-changing Dr. Galician’s Prescriptions©, which are the “antidotes” to the 12 unhealthy media myths and stereotypes in the Quiz.

Step 5 includes the key technique of “p*RE-SCRIPT*ion” — re-scripting or re-framing mythic and stereotypic media models to fit the corresponding Rx (or finding the rarer healthier media model that already illustrates the Rx).

Step 6 offers details about breaking free from unhealthy beliefs and behaviors learned from the media and substituting the research-based relational strategies summarized by the Prescriptions. (I know: This is the hardest step! But I promise you—from my own personal experience and the experiences of countless individuals and couples who have succeeded—IT CAN BE DONE!)

And Step 7 encourages you to commit to a personal plan of romantic relationship action to implement the Rxs and achieve the empowered star status of REALISTIC ROMANCE®.

REALISTIC ROMANCE® really is The Thinking Person's Relationship Remedy™!




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