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Dr. Mary-Lou Galician and her husband Dr. David Natharius share a kiss at their 1998 airport wedding — a media event — before their trans-atlantic flight to lead a group in London & Paris. (Read the newspaper story about the wedding!)


Media Center

Photos, one-sheets, bios, releases,
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Dr. Mary-Lou Galician—the nation’s REALISTIC ROMANCE® Guru—
is THE acknowledged expert about the impact of mass media
on REAL-life romantic relationships.

She's an outstanding source of research-based information, and she's a gracious interviewee for print and electronic media nationwide:

                     • a media pro who gives great quotes

                     a dynamic guest on radio and television

                     a passionate media literacy advocate and myth-buster with a mission:

                                          to empower individuals to become the stars of their own spectacular REAL-life love story.

A university professor, researcher, author, and professional speaker, Dr. Galician is articulate, critical, warm, and FUN.

                     In fact, she's widely and affectionately known as
                     "The Original Dr. FUN"
                                          a nickname she earned as the creator of FUN-dynamics!®—
                                          The FUN-damentals of DYNAMIC Living,
                                          a musical motivation program to help people get "Fired Up Now!"

As a media professional herself, Dr. Mary-Lou is always delighted to work with other media professionals to get important information to the general public.

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